About Us

Prym Audio was conceptualized by CEO Sreekumar Gopinadhan in 2013, and first saw light as a concept build for Bangalore's premier open air night club, Pebble. Since then, the Prym Audio team have successfully designed, manufactured and installed sound solutions in over 23 houses of worship and educational institutions across India and Kuwait, as well as over 100 of India's top clubs, pubs, micro-breweries and restaurants. While multiple outlets of Prost, Watson's and Sodabottleopenerwala, amongst others, feature some of our existing and long standing products, we have also custom built sound systems specific to niche requirements for clients like Pebble and Sanctum. We have powered indoor and outdoor music festivals, such as TWISTED METAL FEST and THE HARDWIRE FESTIVAL, EDM festivals such as OVER & OUT featuring some of the world's best DJs, and sizable Gospel gatherings.

We pride ourselves on building state-of-the-art gear and ensuring our clientele have the best after sales experience, and this has ensured that the brand's reputation and customer base has grown steadily over the years. Thus far, production has been based out of the country. Our focus is now to shift all production to our home ground, Bangalore, while continuing to innovate and offer our clients the best sound experiences.