The Prym Audio PS-1 is a compact and powerful intelligent power supply conditioner and sequencer that allows for the integration of the functions of multiple devices into a single unit.

Key Features:

  • 2" colored LCD screen that shows real-time voltage, date, time and the on/off schedule of each connected device.
  • 8 output channels with the capability to program turning on/off each device independently. The PS-1 offers a delay time ranging from 0-999 seconds.
  • The panel comes with a Support Lock function to avoid operational errors.
  • The in-built clock allows for switching on/off devices to be programmed according to preset dates and times.
  • Multiple devices can be cascaded in a controlled sequence. The cascade can be detected automatically.
  • Equipped with 232 port, support external control.
  • 10 groups of data can be preset and saved.
  • In built detection and alarm system to indicate over/under voltage.

Technical Specifications:

Rated Output Voltage Alternating current 100V-240V, 50Hz
Output Channels 8 channels + 2 Output channels
Delay Time 0-999 seconds
Status Display Real-time display of voltage, date, time and on/off status
Rated Current per Channel 13A
Rated Total Current 30A
Timer Function Present
Gross Weight 6 KG
Packaging Dimension (mm) 536x410x80