R – Series: The Prym Audio R-Series amplifiers are light weight Class-H amplifiers which have a very low current draw and are stable down at 2 ohms. These amplifiers are designed to provide efficient and high performance loudspeaker amplification.

Key Features:

  • Highly efficient radiator with a variable speed cooling fan to ensure to ensure the amplifiers operate under low temperatures.
  • Large scale transformer to ensure sufficient power supply
  • Elegant modeling
  • Can be installed as Stereo, Bridge, Parallel and offers gain control
  • Every channel has its own signal LED and clip LED
  • The R-Series amplifiers can be used for multiple installation requirements, with two kinds of input connectors (XLR Male/Female) and two kinds of output connectors (Speakon and binding post) in-built.
  • Have in-built protection circuit that, when turned on, lights up the fault LED and cuts sound simultaneously
  • Electric level gain control on the front panel

Technical Specifications:

Model R500 R700 R1000
Rated Power (8-Ohm) 400Wx2 800Wx2 1000Wx2
Rated Power (4-Ohm) 600Wx2 1000Wx2 1700Wx2
Rated Power (2-Ohm) 700Wx2 1200Wx2 1800Wx2
Rated Power (Bridged 8-Ohm) 1000W 1800W 3500W
Rated Power (Bridged 4-Ohm) 1200W 2000W 3800W
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz: +0.1/0.3dB(1W/8ohm)
Harmonic Distortion <0.05@880W <0.05@1040W <0.05@1600W
Intermodulation Distortion <0.01@500 W into
(60Hz & 7kHz)
<0.01@650 W into
(60Hz & 7kHz)
<0.01@1000 W into
(60Hz & 7kHz)
Damping Factor 350:1kHz@8Ohms
SNR >105 dB
Input Gain 20dB, 23dB, 26dB, 29dB, 32dB, 35dB, 38dB, 41dB Optional
Input Impedance Equilibrium 20k Ohm, Non-Equilibrium 10k Ohm
Supply Voltage AC: 200-240V/50-60Hz
Packing Size (W X D X H) 560x420x138 560x542x138
Gross / Net Weight 99.5 Kg 12.5 Kg 12.7 Kg