• Newly designed coaxial point source loudspeaker series
  • Very compact yet powerful loudspeakers
  • Designed for installations
  • Best suited for pubs, lounges, nightclubs, restaurants, cafes and small live gigs

The R-Series represent our newly designed compact, yet powerful coaxial point source loudspeakers, built specifically to excel in permanent installation environments. The R-series are built to fit in seamlessly with their surroundings, thanks to their compact size, while still delivering the uncompromising performance expected from Prym Audio loudspeakers. High quality, lightweight marine grade plywood is used in the construction of the R-Series, making them hardy and more than able of dealing with the rigors extensive use. Specially tuned enclosures and crossovers, paired with OEM coaxial drivers with 90 degrees conical coverage ensure the auditory experience is of the highest quality. Integrated mounting points make the R-Series easily installable. The R-Series loudspeakers are best suited for pubs, cafes, restaurants, nightclubs, lounges and can even be used to power intimate live gigs.

R-Series Products