Sales Support

Support for Design and Commissioning

With numerous installations globally including houses of worship, educational institutions, auditoriums, stadiums, pubs, micro-breweries, night clubs, live music venues, restaurants and cafes, we have a very holistic approach to handling design and installation requests from our clientele to ensure their properties provide the best sensory experiences.

The Process:

When we are commissioned to develop solutions for a property, the layout and placement of audio and visual components is meticulously plotted on CAD and shared with the architects for approval. Once the basic structure is in place, our audio engineers work closely with the architects to acoustically treat the space to best suit the requirement. The output and positioning of the audio-visual components is also simulated on EASE to ensure they perform at optimum levels. Upon approval, our team works with the client's vendors to install the best quality cables and brackets. While installing audio and video components, care is taken to ensure the placement of each component delivers the best experience while still keeping the intrinsic theme of the property intact. We offer our clients individual volume control of multiple zones with-in their property, as well as the option of being able isolate individual zones and play a different media source in each zone. For ease of operation, we offer our clients control of these components via a graphic user interface. Once the installation is complete, our audio engineers tune the systems to perform flawlessly. They also train our clientele on the easiest and most efficient ways to use our systems. We then hand over the property to our clients.

Once an installation is complete, the robust build quality of our products, our strong relationship with our partners and our hands-on, proactive approach to customer support ensure our clientele have a hassle-free ownership experience. It is no surprise then that we have an ever-growing list of new members to the Prym family.