RockSalt, Museum Road, Bangalore

18th March, 2018: Nestled in the middle of Bangalore's CBD, RockSalt is a resto-bar boasting of an irresistible dining experience comprising of Asian, Indian and Pakistani cuisine, a tasteful bar, classy interiors, vertical gardens and of course, Prym Audio.

Since RockSalt plays host to DJs and cozy singer/songwriter gigs, we at Prym Audio made sure we hook them up with a solution that can deliver the goods in either situation. The powerful and multi-purpose S-15 and S-8 point source loudspeakers provide the space with ample coverage, and the bass is felt via the indomitable S-218 sub-woofers. The entire set-up is powered by Prym Audio's R-500, R-700 and D-1000 amplifiers. Experience the good life at Rock Salt this weekend, and while you're having the time of your life, look up and check out the awesome Prym Audio speakers powering the music.

Trendslaughter Festival VI, No Limmits, Bangalore

3rd March, 2018: Hosted by Cyclopean Eye Productions, Trendslaughter Festival is a festival that promotes and hosts some truly underground and note-worthy artists from across heavy metal's various sub-genres. Currently in its sixth edition, this year's Trendslaughter Festival will be headlined by Czech Republic's legendary black metal outfit Cult of Fire and Singapore's Draconis Infernum, with support from Indian acts like Dying Embrace, Aempyrean, Moral Putrefaction and harsh noise/power electronics artist Hemanth Sreekumar.

The venue for this year's festival is No Limmits Lounge and Club, a popular nightclub on Margrath Road in Bangalore CBD. As sound partners, Prym Audio are making sure this edition features an aural experience befitting the aura and intensity of the artists. We will be flying our ML-120 line-array systems, with the LA-218 sub-woofers bringing on the bottom end. The multi-purpose S-15 and S-18 point source loudspeakers will be deployed as stage monitors.

The Reservoire, Koramangala, Bangalore

The Reservoire, Koramangala, Bangalore

24th Feb., 2018: Koramangala has a plush new watering hole featuring Prym Audio's sound solutions, and it is one elegant cocktail bar and kitchen you don't want to miss out on.

Spread over two floors, with the upper storey also featuring a cozy outdoor seating area, The Reservoire has Prym Audio's small but immensely powerful R-8 and R-12 coaxial loudspeakers, with the bass being pumped out through the R-15 S sub-woofers. Prym Audio's D-Series amplifiers power the entire set-up.

1Q1, Queen's Road, Bangalore

1Q1, Queen's Road, Bangalore

22nd Dec., 2017: This festive season, the hip and happening in Bangalore have a brand new hotspot to hobnob at. Located in the iconic Indian Express building on Queen's Road, 1Q1 oozes class, and offers the discerning client a world-class bar, Asian fine-dining and a space large enough to host any type of live music event.

Bringing the music to life indoors are Prym Audio's compact line-array loudspeakers, the CLA-100 and the S-8. Driving the bass are the powerful S-218 S sub-woofers. The outdoors area is serviced by S-8 loudspeakers and S-18 S sub-woofers. Powering the set-up are Prym Audio's A-750, D-400 and D-1300 amplifiers.

Lady Baga, Lavelle Road, Bangalore

Lady Baga, Lavelle Road, Bangalore

6th Dec., 2017: A slice of bohemian Goa's hippy beach-shack vibe has found its way to Bangalore CBD area, and it feels right at home. Say hello to Lady Baga, a Goan shack themed bar and restaurant capturing the hippie vibe from the 60s and 70s.

As you sip on exotic cocktails and nibble on food from the wide range Goan and international delicacies, the music taking you on a journey is being played on Prym Audio's inconspicuous but powerful R-8 loudspeakers and R-15 S sub-woofers, being driven through Prym Audio's R-500 and R-700 amplifiers. Come to Lady Baga and travel back into the golden era of India's Sunshine State.

Echoes of Earth Festival, Solar Stage, Embassy Riding Stage, Bangalore

Echoes of Earth Festival, Solar Stage, Embassy Riding Stage, Bangalore

18th Nov., 2017: Echoes of Earth is a celebration of music and the Earth, aimed at bringing about knowledge on sustainable living. The two day festival, which begins today, will feature 4 stages, over 40 artists, art installations and workshops.

The intimate Solar Stage will feature Prym Audio's set-up. Powering it will be our compact but powerful R-8 loudspeakers, with the S-8 loudspeakers functioning as monitors, while the lower frequencies will be handled by our S-18 S sub-woofers. Handling audio engineer duties at the console will be Prym Audio's Kevin Manohar. Head over to Echoes of Earth for a truly bohemian weekend experience.

Kitty Ko, The Lalit Ashok, Bangalore

Kitty Ko, The Lalit Ashok, Bangalore

2nd Nov., 2017: The Lalit Ashok has brand new nightclub all geared up to set Bangalore's nightclub on fire. Featuring a world class bar and a spacious dance floor, Kitty Ko is set to host some of the wildest parties Bangalore has seen, and Prym Audio's sound solutions are bringing on the noise like never before.

Prym Audio is proud to feature the all new R-Series loudspeakers at Kitty Ko. These loudspeakers are designed to be small and unobtrusive while not compromising on power. Kitty Ko's dance floor will be pounding to our R-8 and R-12 loudspeakers, while the thumping bass will be brought on by our R-15 S and S-18 S sub-woofers.

Brew Meister – Craft Beer and Kitchen, Jayanagar, Bangalore

Brew Meister – Craft Beer and Kitchen, Jayanagar, Bangalore

6th October, 2017: South Bangalore's got a hot new watering hole, and Prym Audio's sound solutions just made it hotter! Brew Meister – Craft Beer and Kitchen features a vast and extremely well curated menu of bar eats, main courses, cocktails and an array of craft beer to quench your thirst and feed your hunger while keeping your foot tapping.

Powering the entertainment for Brew Meister's two storey layout are Prym Audio's compact but powerful S-8 loudspeakers and S-15 S sub-woofers. Supporting them behind the scenes are Prym Audio's D-Series amplifiers and DSP. Drop in to Brew Meister they next time you're around Jayanagar, and quench your thirst on the freshest brews while rocking out to your favorite music.

XU, The Leela Palace, Bangalore

14th August, 2017: Prym Audio is excited to power one of Bangalore's most exclusive new night clubs, XU, at The Leela Palace. XU boasts a large dance floor, a plush smoking area and a delectable drinks menu.

Setting the dance floor afire are loudspeakers from Prym Audio compact line-array, the CLA-110 and the S-218 sub-woofers. The small but powerful S-8 perform perfectly as monitors for the artists. Come experience the best of Bangalore's night life at XU.

Free Flow – Traffic Bar, Hyderabad

14th August, 2017: Free Flow – Traffic Bar is the newest pub, bar and grill at Jubilee Hill, Hyderabad to feature Prym Audio's stellar sound systems. Touted as a place where music, fashion and fun come together, Free Flow – Traffic Bar promises to have its clientele grooving to the zaniest tunes, and Prym Audio will ensure the groove is strong.

Since Free Flow – Traffic Bar will host the best of DJs, EDM artists and live music, Prym Audio's powerful and robust S-15 speakers have been strategically installed, with the S-18 S sub-woofer making the bass presence felt. Get ready to groove to the music and burn the dance floor with the hip and happening at this swanky new watering hole.

The Hardwire Festival, Straight Up, Bangalore

13th August, 2017: The Hardwire Festival is a one of a kind heavy metal festival, fronted by Bangalore based death/thrash band Inner Sanctum in association with Prym Audio. The first edition of this festival is being headlined by Australian tech-death monsters Psycroptic, who are touring India, and will be supported by Inner Sanctum, Hyderabad based death-metallers Godless and Calcutta's tech-death juggernaut Fragarak at one of Bangalore's new indoor live venues, Straight Up.

Prym Audio's team is going all out to give this indoor gig the vibe and feel of a big stage experience. Prym Audio's ML-120 line-array loudspeakers and LA-218 sub-woofers will lead this aural assault from the front. The ever reliable S-10 and S-12 loudspeakers will double up as stage monitors. Behind the scenes, Prym Audio's A-Series amplifiers will be powering up everything. With a lighting rig the likes of which are seldom seen at club gigs anywhere adding to the experience, this is one concert that promises to give heavy metal aficionados in the city an experience they will treasure.

Red Rhino, Whitefield, Bangalore

13th July, 2017: Whitefield has an amazing new nightspot, and Prym Audio is making sure patrons get nothing but the best sound when they visit Red Rhino. Prym Audio have deployed their powerful S-8 and S-10 point-source loudspeakers in strategic locations to ensure the best coverage for Red Rhino's multi-storey layout. The Prym Audio S-18 S sub-woofers will be holding down the low end, making sure the bass is amply felt. This project also features Prym Audio's new D-Series amplifiers.

With lip smacking food and a variety of freshly brewed craft beer on tap, this is one place that is soon going to become a favorite amongst the denizens of Whitefield.

1522 The Pub, New BEL Road, Bangalore

28th May, 2017: Prym Audio is proud to power the sound at Bangalore's newest party hub, 1522 The Pub at New BEL Road. This spanking new hotspot features lush indoor and outdoor seating and partying areas, mouth-watering delicacies and drinks to die for.

Getting your foot tapping will be the Prym Audio S-8 and S-10 loudspeakers, paired with the amazing S-15 S sub-woofers. Driving it all will be Prym Audio A-Series amplifiers and DSP. Come, let you hair down and dance your weekend away at this swanky new watering hole.

Sunday Soul Sante Neon Edition, ITPB, Bangalore

14th May, 2017: There's no better way to spend this Sunday than at Bangalore's favorite flea market. Sunday Soul Sante returns to ITPB, Whitefield with a day packed with activities, stores full of unique crafts and knick knacks, a food court featuring a vast selection of cuisine to choose from, beer and other beverages. To top it all, Prym Audio's live sound will be supporting three top-notch artists. Punk band The F-16s will be performing alongside Late In The AM and Zarah Ross from the popular TV show, The Voice Season2.

The live stage will be powered by Prym Audio's compact line-array loudspeakers, the CLA-110 and the bottom end will be held by the LA-218 speakers. Prym Audio's S-12 andS-15 loudspeakers will be performing monitor duties, and all these will be driven by Prym Audio's A-Series amplifiers and DSP. Come experience the power of live sound.

Sunday Soul Sante Neon Edition, Embassy Riding School, Bangalore

18th March, 2017: Everyone's favorite quirky, pet-friendly flea market and food festival is back at Embassy Riding School tomorrow, and Prym Audio is already gearing up for what promises to be an exciting weekend ahead. Featuring live music across genres, including Arunaja, Threeory and Yohan Marshall & The Mischief, a wide choice of cuisine to choose from, drinks to satiate your thirst and loads of shopping to look forward to, this is where the hip and happening in Bangalore will be.

Prym Audio will be flying the CLA-110 compact line-array loudspeaker systems, with the LA-218 sub-woofers bringing in the low-end. The multi-purpose S-12 and S-15 loudspeakers will be deployed as the perfect stage monitors, thanks to their low profiles. All these will be powered by the Prym Audio A-Series amplifiers and DSP.

Watson's JP Nagar

30th Nov., 2015: South Bangalore has an amazing new watering hole. Walk into Watson's, JP Nagar for some absolutely divine cocktails, succulent food and music that will take you down memory lane. While you're getting your groove on, look up at the speakers, and you'll see some of Prym Audio's handiwork doing what they best.

The JP Nagar Watson's features Prym Audio's multi-faceted S-10 loudspeakers placed strategically to give you the best listening experience. S-18 S sub-woofers ensure the bottom end is not missed. And these are all powered by our Prym Audio A-Series amplifiers and DSP.

Sander van Doorn, The Collection, UB City, Bangalore

31st Oct., 2015: Award-winning Dutch EDM heavy-weight Sander van Doorn is going to set the floor on fire tonight at The Collection, UB City. And Prym Audio is pulling all the stops to make sure that happens.

We have deployed 12 of our CLA-110 compact line array loudspeakers and 8 of out LA-218 sub-woofers, all powered by Prym Audio A-Series amplifiers. This has all the ingredients to make tonight a loud, boisterous and memorable Halloween night.

Soul Sante, ITPB, Whitefield, Bangalore

24th Oct., 2015: Soul Sante is a one-of-a-kind outdoor flea market, foodie's paradise and live concert all rolled into one. For the first time ever, Soul Sante is going to be two day extravaganza on the 24th and 25th of October, and Prym Audio will be powering the live entertainment.

With everything from live bands to DJs lined up to entertain the crowds, Prym Audio will be flying our CLA-110 and LA-218 compact line array loudspeakers and sub-woofers. The multi-purpose S-15 and S-12 loudspeakers will be deployed as stage monitors, and all these will be powered by the ever-reliant A-Series amplifiers and the Prym Audio amplifier/DSP combo, the DSP 4.1. Stop by to tap your feet, feed your belly, wet your muzzle and go home with quirky knick-knacks you'll cherish for a long time.

Host of Christ, Tirunelvelli

10th Oct., 2015: Houses of worship require great care in the way their sound requirements are handled. While the sound needs to carry with clarity to the multitude of devotees, it shouldn't be unpleasant to the ears. Prym Audio is proud to have taken care of these requirements for Host of Christ, Tirunelvelli.

Working with the architects to ensure the best possible sound treatment, Prym Audio's compact line array loudspeakers, the CLA-110 have been deployed with S-18 S sub-woofers. Powered by the Prym A-Series amplifiers along with the Prym SP-48 DSP, the message of God is loud and clear in this house of worship.

Monkey Bar, Bandra West, Mumbai

8th Oct., 2015: India's first gastropub is now in Mumbai, and Prym Audio is excited to be a part of the experience. Walk into the swanky, brand new Monkey Bar at Linking Road, Bandra West to experience some of the most delectable multi-cuisine food around, lip-smacking cocktails and sound that will keep you moving all night long!

Monkey Bar features Prym Audio's S-10 loudspeakers, S-18 S sub-woofers, A-Series amplifiers and XT-24 DSP. This brand-new hotspot will feature the best DJs and live acts as well to go with their stunning culinary experience.

The Fatty Bao, Bandra West, Mumbai

8th Oct., 2015: Prym Audio flies to Mumbai! Listen to our loudspeakers at Mumbai's trendy and chic new Asian Gastro Bar, The Fatty Bao at Bandra West.

Sip on cocktails and let The Fatty Bao's Asian fusion cuisine tingle your taste buds, while you sway to music from Prym Audio's S-10 loudspeakers powered by Prym Audio's state-of-the-art XT-24 DSP.

Albin Myers at Skyye, UB City, Bangalore

4th Oct., 2015: Renowned Swedish EDM artist Albin Myers will be performing at Skyye, UB City this evening, and Prym Audio's gear will be powering the party. The party will also feature sets by Rohit Barker and DJ Deepak as well.

Pounding the dance floor, Prym Audio will be flying the CLA-110 compact line-array loudspeaker systems and the LA-218 sub-woofers. This is going to be one party you don't want to miss!

Sanctum Club, Bangalore

13th March, 2015: We are on Residency Road. Prym Audio is proud to power Sanctum Club, an exclusive nightclub located in the heart of the CBD. Sanctum Club is on the premises of The Chancery Pavilion Hotel, located in their Commercial Block, and boasts a sound system that will move your soul.

Featuring Prym Audio's S-10, S-12 and S-15 loudspeakers, as well as the S-18 S and S-218 sub-woofers, Sanctum Club promises to be one of Bangalore's loudest, most happening nightclubs. Put on your dancing shoes, let your hair lose and let Prym Audio's sound blow you away!

The Sugar Factory, Bangalore

11th Nov., 2014: Prym Audio is proud announce the presence of our sound solutions at Le Meridian Hotel, Bangalore's newest nightclub and lounge bar, The Sugar Factory. This spanking new hotspot that promises to host some of the best DJs and EDM artists features Prym Audio's powerful S-15 loudspeakers and S-218 sub-woofers powered by the Prym A-Series amplifiers and DSP.

The Prym Audio team worked closely with the architects to ensure our solutions fit in seamlessly with the design and function aspects of The Sugar Factory, with the end product being an aural experience that will leave clubbers begging for more.